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ProPharma is the only national pharmaceutical wholesaler in New Zealand. Our 250 nationwide staff are proud of our customer service and our 'Can Do, Will Do' attitude.

For online ordering of funded vaccine Register here
Our Auckland Head Office

Phone: 09 915 9500
Fax: 09 915 9581
Email: customerservice@propharma.co.nz

Funded Vaccines Toll Free 0508 482 224

P.O. Box 62-027, Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644

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About Us

In business for over 120 years, ProPharma is the only national pharmaceutical wholesaler in New Zealand, with more than 250 staff operating from 8 branches nationwide. Our size certainly gives us an advantage in terms of synergies and efficiencies...

but what we rely on to set us apart is customer service and the ‘Can Do, Will Do’ attitude of our staff.

As well as being experts in logistics, the ProPharma finance, customer service, administration and IT teams play a vital role within the company. ProPharma staff are served by a robust, integrated and efficient computer system that handles over 3,000 orders every day.

Loyal support by customers is generously rewarded. Terms of trade continue to benefit those who order efficiently and in volume. There are also preferred payment incentives, different billing cycles and our partnership with American Express provides an opportunity to turn business expenses into exciting lifestyle rewards.

Good service and stock levels, prompt delivery, efficient ordering systems are at the heart of our wholesale business, but we have always been seen as much more than a supplier to pharmacy with a long history of sponsorship including the Gold Sponsor of the Primary Healthcare Awards, financial assistance to new and existing pharmacy owners or those developing their business and an increasing number of value-added services.




These include:

• Free pharmacy brokerage

• Pharmacy valuation services

• Staff placement

• Marketing and promotions

• Special buying arrangements

• Professional support and onsite visits

• Procurement service for hard-to-get items

• Information and electronic supplier reps’ order management

• ProPharma is a Recognised Training Site for undergraduate students from the University of Auckland School of Pharmacy

• Networking events with industry relevant key note speakers

• PharmaLines monthly trade magazine, offering monthly specials – New Zealand’s only nationwide promotional magazine for pharmacy.

ProPharma’s aim is to be the company of choice for customers, suppliers and staff and welcomes enquiries from New Zealand based pharmacies and health services that are looking for a competitive wholesale service provider.






Distribution Centres


Phone: 09 438 9519
Fax: 09 438 9681


Phone: 03 547 6451
Fax: 03 547 6455


Phone: 07 957 8199
Fax: 07 957 3840


Phone: 03 962 0801
Fax: 03 389 5459

Palmerston North

Phone: 06 952 0039
Fax: 06 952 0035


Phone: 03 474 9150
Fax: 03 474 5061


Phone: 04 576 1830
Fax: 04 576 1811

Our Contact Details

Phone: Toll Free 0508 482 224

Fax: 09 915 9527

Email: vaccines@propharma.co.nz

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Use of this site is strictly restricted to accredited New Zealand health professionals who wish to order funded vaccines.


Note: Influenza vaccines are not available through ProPharma. Influenza vaccines and other non funded vaccines are available at Healthcare Logistics.


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IMPORTANT: Acknowledgment of your of vaccine order is sent to this email address. Please ensure that the email address can be accessed by all relevant staff at your practice. Password resets and order histories, if requested, are also sent to this address.